Smith House Tap & Grill

The Smith House Tap & Grill has just opened on the edge of Century City in Los Angeles, and boast a beer list of 120 beers.  I took a moment to look over the menu and it has some interesting options.  They offer themed flights of 5 beers for $10, which strikes me as a decent deal.  The Flights range from “California Flight” (Racer 5, Arrogant Bastard, etc.) to “Fruit Basket” (Lambics, Blueberry Ale, etc.).  Part of what interests me most about these flights is that some of the beers included cost almost as much alone as the flight does total.  Allagash Curieux is going for 9 bucks a Goblet, but you can get it as part of the “Belgian Flight” that costs only $10.

While it’s exciting to have another beer haven in this city, I’ve got a little apprehension here.  (I’ll give ya my two cents)  Having 120 beers on tap is a lot.  I worry about more than a few going stale.  How often will they be cleaning the lines?  Sometimes at places with more than 60 beers, I just ask “What’s the last keg you put on?” and order that.  Also, I’d be more impressed if they had a large number of beers if they didn’t have about 20 that can be purchased at any Gas Station in the U.S. of A.  Can you really brag about a tap list that’s padded with Bud, Miller, Coors and the rest?  I don’t really hold anything against those major brands, I drink them enough, but for a Beer Bar to brag about the number of product on tap, it seems a little sketch.

Whatever, I’ll be stopping by this place sometime to check it out.  I encourage you to drink beer, whether at this spot or not.

Craftsman Triple White Sage

I stopped by Father’s Office on the edge of Culver City to check out their impressive draft list and sample a few ales.  It’s a decent spot, but overall, underwhelming.

Craftsman Brewing Company resides in Pasadena, California and has probably the most bare-bones website I’ve ever seen from a craft brewery.  Good on them, love it.  I encourage you to click the link and enjoy.

I’ve had a couple of Craftsman’s beers before, they have a habit of making Specialty beers.  Never content with a simple mix, they blend complex ingredients to create bold and unique flavors.  They say the one shared ingredient in their various beers is Integrity.  I really enjoyed their Honesty Ale which is a Wild Ale brewed with Cherries, and nice tart beer.  I believe I’ve also tried an Orange Wheat of some kind, but I may be mistaken there.

Anyway, enough about their website and other beers, on to the reason we’re here: Craftsman Triple White Sage.  This poured slightly cloudy yellow golden, with hints of orange.  The head was constructed of tiny white bubbles and quick to dissipate.  The aroma is spiced and rich, with fruity notes, I got a little banana off it.  The flavor matches the aroma, it has a nice strong finish and creates a slight catch in the throat.  I enjoyed the flavor, but don’t think I could handle several of these in succession. 

Taste:  B+

Drinkability:  C+

Draft in Tulip - $7.00 at Father’s Office (Culver)

Reader Submission!

[Today’s reader submission comes from my pal TuckerBlogs.  He’s on a nice trip to the midwest, and an ancient Hamm’s is the first beverage he came upon I guess.  Enjoy.]


2 Year Old Hamms I Found In My Parents’ Basement Refrigerator

It pours poorly, with a clear, pale color reminiscent or yellow, but without the joy. The musty yet chilly aroma is disappointing, not unlike Milwaukee, yet the taste lingers like a Mukwonago prostitute: surprisingly fetching given the price. This is a beer that I would highly recommend.

Taste: C

Drinkability: B-

Availability: Only 1 more remains of this specific category

The Joe Bob Briggs Factor: A

[Editor Note:  I don’t know what the Joe Bob Briggs Factor is, but I’m allowing it.]